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Welcome to EDCLF

Environment is the most important thing in the world. It encompasses all living and non-living things around us; such as land, water, air, flora and fauna that includes natural and biological resources, aquatic life, natural and cultural heritages. Environment in the world is degrading day by day. The emissions of chemicals and gases produced by the industries and vehicles are polluting our planet in every second. Numbers of animal species are decreasing. Some of the species are in the verge of extinction and some of them are already disappeared and others are in the process of survival. It is an urgency to conserve and preserve environment. Without proper management of resources in a sustainable way the life of human beings and other species will extinct from the earth soon. All the living species have the fundamental rights to live in clean & healthy environment.

Future Plans

  1. To organize different programs to get rid of the weakness and the provision that is the contradictory in the existing provision of the environmental law and to make amendments in them.
  2. To pressurize the concerned agencies for the effective implementation of the law and the decisions.
  3. To maintain and help maintain coordination among the governmental and non-governmental agencies which are working for the conservation of the environment
  4. To publish all the environment related law in a single vliume
  5. To file writ in the courts against the cases of the attack on the environment by any means
  6. To conduct various activities to create awareness among people regarding environmental rights.